Ana María Montenegro

She is a restless seeker along the spiritual path. Founder and director of Sanar desde adentro Holistic Center and CASASANA.

Studied at Anacelis Castro Institute, Self-knowledge and a course on Angels. Studied the conduct and behavior of the Self and techniques to modify the negative. Mind pattern work on dreaminess. Conduct and behavior work on Conscience Regressions to the points of origin of the conflict. Work on the alignment of celestial bodies, harmonization, and balance with dreaminess. Studied to participate in the current known as the life of Angels, learning its functions and conformation. She has Reiki Level I, II and reached up to a Master’s as well, in the Holistic Centre El Alba. She is a holistic therapist and has done courses on radiesthesia and NLP.

Once in Los Terrones, Ana could see the image of the Miraculous Medal very clearly. The apparition was pointing out to the place where she should start building her Holistic Centre for all those in need of an inner healing.

As construction works started, from the foundations, a rainbow sprouted from the ground. It was then when she knew she was on the right track.

Professional staff

Annete Gil De Pera

Massages from the body to the soul

Deep and relaxing massage…but not invasive! It works on the bone and articular cartilage mapping, with a fusion of touches, and the prevailing of the eutonic one.

Duration: 1/30 hs.

Pranic Healing

Powerful alternative intervention that helps the body to heal itself, at a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level through the use of crystals.

Daniel Brower

Quartz Crystal Bowls

They are one of the new most powerful healing tools of the Universe.

Cells break into through sound, they activate and regenerate cellular memory to heal and modify physical, emotional, spiritual and mental misaligned patterns.

They provide mind states of profound relaxation, releasing stress and body tensions, reducing any kind of excessive body tensions to achieve wellbeing, peace and joy.

Vanina Cordido


Reiki Usui Traditional system. One hour individual sessions to harmonize the patient physically, mentally and spiritually.


Guided visits to the most attractive sightseeing areas (to be arranged). Full day or half day excursions to the different touristic locations which may include walks with movement meditation, open air yoga, open air guided meditation, individual reiki sessions, syntonization of group reiki.


Individual and/or group Hatha Yoga sessions, Vedanta philosophy, adapted to the participants needs. It has a duration of two hours, working on conscious awareness, breathing, posture alignment, joint mobility, dynamic and static postures, relaxation and concentration.

César Zedrón

Open paths towards the balance and self-fulfillment of the human being

Chinese medicine and psycho bioenergetics therapy.

Reflexive diagnosis, oriental physically-energetic health check- up, with a natural approach, reflexive analysis of the iris.

Mariana Goñi

Singing Therapist and teacher

Singing therapy: Singing Therapy to free and let emotions flow, emotions that might be blocking areas of our body.

When we sing we willfully expand that harmony towards all our self.

Rubén Alsina


Yoga means “Union”
It´s a discipline based on sustained postures or Asanas which together with an appropriate work on breathing linked to the mind can have multiple benefits.

Yoga Practices bring about key advantages to your health like ideal fitness, relaxation, breathing, body conscience, positive thinking and meditation. It is convenient to practice Yoga regularly to obtain the desired results -a healthy and flexible body together with a clear mind.

The course is based on conscience awareness, breathing, postural alignment, articular movement, dynamical and static postures, relaxation and concentration.

María Corigliano


Reflexology is a natural therapy that stimulates the body to carry out its own healing process. It does this through manual stimulation of the reflex zones of the feet and hands.
Reflexology promotes relaxation while improving nerve impulses, blood circulation and helps the nature of the body in its own homeostasis process. The treatment in the reflex areas stimulates the unblocking of energy and promotes the expansion of consciousness (the treatment cannot be carried out if there is mycosis in the feet). The session lasts 50 minutes

Valeria Dantur

Ayurveda MASSAGE

An invitation to meet our deepest interior, to explore our feelings and recognize in our body those places that have been closed in pain, to relieve them and expand them in prana and love.

Manuel Medina


Sound as a path to Silence. Through the vibratory frequencies of harmonic instruments, we immerse ourselves in a sound journey through landscapes and internal experiences, harmonizing our mental, emotional and physical bodies, thus restoring the energy balance of our entire Being.

Sacred Sounds: an experience of relaxation and deep inner peace. Some benefits of therapy: Eliminates stress – Balances the chakras – Releases blocked energies – Awakens the inner spiritual planes – Opens the intuitive vision – Sensation of well-being and Peace – Mental clarity – Relieves physical pain – Restores damaged molecular structures. Approximate duration: 2 hours.

Ha estudiado en el Instituto Anacelis Castro, Autoconocimiento y Curso de Ángeles. Estudio de las conductas del Ser y técnica para modificar lo negativo. Trabajo de patrones mentales con ensoñaciones. Trabajo de conductas con Regresiones Conscientes a los puntos de origen del conflicto. Trabajo de alineación de cuerpos, armonización y equilibrio con ensoñaciones. Estudio para sumarse a la corriente de vida de los Ángeles, conociendo sus funciones y conformación. En el Centro Holístico El Alba, adquirió Nivel de Reiki I y II y Maestría. Es Terapeuta Holistísca y ha realizado cursos de radiestesia y PNL (Programación Neurolingüística)
Estando en Los Terrones, vio con toda claridad una imagen de la Medalla Milagrosa que señalaba el lugar donde debía instalar el Centro Holístico para todos aquellos que quieran sanarse desde adentro. Cuando al comenzar a cavar los cimientos, brotó un arco iris desde la tierra, supo que estaba en el camino correcto.


Ana María Montenegro

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